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Business Data Analysis

Avoid costly corrections later in the system lifecycle by ensuring your design is sound from the start.

My Approach

It has been said that a designer of accounting software needs to understand accountancy better than an accountant.  That is not quite true, but the designer must understand both the fundamentals and the unusual situations that may occur - and ensure that the database can cope with either.

1. Model the fundamentals

Work with all user constituencies, quickly grasp the key aspects of a business process, and express them in a rigorous, unambiguous form.

2. Factor in the exceptions

Experience has demonstrated the rule that it is exceptions that drive much of the complexity of database design.  For example, if a company sends almost all its shipments via USPS, but just occasionally uses a courier, that multiplicity of delivery methods must be allowed for in the design.

3. Allow for expansion

Look at the design and see where doors can be easily left open to extend the scope of the system; seek generalized solutions that can cater for other aspects of the business - while minimizing unnecessary complexity.  Everything is a trade-off!

I can perform business requirements analysis on whatever area of the business is required, or validate a proposed or existing database design from first principles.

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