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Resume of Max Stayner

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Executive Summary
20+ years varied experience in OLTP RDBMS architecture and implementation, application development and deployment, including 10+ years of web application development.  Also experienced in Technical Support and Product Marketing/Management.
Core Competencies
Data Modeling
RDBMS Schema Design
RDBMS Implementation
Query Optimization
Transact SQL
SQL Server 2008
Visual Studio 2008
Professional Experience
2004 - Present   Avignon Solutions
  • Independent Consultant
  • 1998 - 2004 Timberline Communications, Inc.
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • 1993 - 1998 Gupta Technologies, LLC
  • Director of SQLBase Products
  • Senior Technical Marketing Manager
  • Senior Technical Support Engineer
  • 1989 - 1993 Synchromatic
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • 1988 - 1989 Allied Mills CSG
  • Software Engineer
  • Illinois, USA
    Independent Consultant (February 2004 to present)
    Created complete SQL Server-based Web applications (including data modeling, database architecture and implementation) with C#/ASP.NET for clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, New England, and the Quad Cities.  Projects included:
    • Cell phone tower network analysis and data integration; a 100Gb database with extensive history tracking, auditing, and reporting demands.
    • Parsing, storage and redisplay of the Code of Federal Regulations, incorporating Federal Register change tracking.  Features included personalization and community tools.
    • Secure technology disposal tracking that serves the State of Illinois.
    Timberline Communications, Inc.
    San Jose, California, USA
    Chief Technology Officer (October 1998 to February 2004)
    Reengineered a voice-mail based system to utilize the Internet resulting in a distributed and scalable work force; produced public Web, Intranet, Extranet and Windows client and server applications using ASP/ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, VB, J++ and SQLWindows.  Created a multithreaded Windows Voice Mail System using TAPI to receive messages using industry-standard protocols, along with a custom e-mailing system that utilized PHP-based templates.
    Gupta Technologies
    Redwood Shores, California, USA
    Gupta was an innovator in the client/server software industry, offering the World's first PC-based RDBMS (SQLBase), and Windows-based RAD tools (SQLWindows).  I held a variety of positions over during my tenure:
    Director of SQLBase Products (March 1998 to October 1998)
    Coordinated the overall direction and positioning of Gupta's flagship database product line, including profit and loss accountability.  This position primarily involved leadership of and decision making for staff rather than direct personnel management.  It also required interaction at all levels with sales, marketing, engineering and finance to ensure that the products were congruent with the overall corporate direction and were competitive in the market.  Strong product management skills were also required.
    Senior Technical Marketing Manager (Nov. 1995 to Feb. 1998)
    Generated technical collateral to support the product marketing organization, based on complete in-depth technical knowledge of all Gupta products.  Wrote technical briefs, white papers, competitive analyses, product summaries and scripted product demonstrations for use by SEs and partners.  Presented at trade-shows and key domestic and international customers.
    Senior Technical Support Engineer (Dec. 1993 to Nov. 1995)
    After initially specializing in SQLBase for standard front-line support, took on all other Gupta software products (SQLWindows, Quest, connectivity to 3rd party databases including mainframes).  Was the first TSE in the premium support group, providing dedicated support to top priority customers such as UPS and PeopleSoft.  Created a search application for customer support cases using custom text indexing to leverage existing knowledge within the support group's database.
    Synchromatic Ltd. (formerly Paradigm UK Ltd.)
    Coventry, England
    Senior Software Engineer (January 1990 to November 1993)
    Was a founding employee of a small but dynamic company creating customized applications for the process manufacturing industry based on Oracle 6 and SQL*Forms.  Responsibilities included data modeling, database implementation, application development and QA review, reporting and mentoring.  Designed and implemented the company's application menu system to replace the standard Oracle product using SQL*Forms.
    Birmingham and Edinburgh, UK
    Software Engineer (August 1988 to December 1989)
    Major contributor to the implementation of the UK's then-largest 4GL process control system, which used Oracle 5 RDBMS under UNIX to control live manufacturing plant.  The project was successfully concluded after one year on-site in Edinburgh, during which in-depth knowledge was gained of database optimization, complex time-critical database querying and DML, and advanced SQL*Forms programming techniques.  Carried out system development in parallel with 24x7 production support.
    BSc. Software Engineering/Computer Science (Hons.)
    University of Birmingham, England (1985-1988)

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