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Technology Skills

The key to successful systems often lies in the ability to bring together the right tools for the job.  I have recent project experience with:

Transact-SQL                                       Wizard
SQL Server (7-2012)                                Expert
ASP.NET                                Expert
C#                                Expert
HTML                                Expert
JavaScript                         Build
PHP                         Build
MS Jet                  Maintain
MS Office Development                  Maintain
Visual Basic for Applications                  Maintain
XML programming using C#                         Build

I have also worked in depth with the following: Gupta SQL*Base, Oracle (5 & 6), Centura Team Developer (SQLWindows), Java, J++, C++, Visual Basic, Fortran, C, K-shell, Unix (HP-UX), and SPSS on punched cards.  No, please don't help me pick up that deck I just dropped...

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