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SQL Development

SQL, more than almost any other programming language, is powerful, expressive, and subtle.  With the right database design and SQL, remarkably sophisticated information can be extracted efficiently, and often without the need for client-side processing.

Your development effort can be accelerated with any of the following services:

Statement tuning

SQL is a strange language in that a query can sometimes be reworked to achieve the same result in 1% or less of its unoptimized form.  This can yield benefits in at least two extreme situations:

Stored Procedure and Trigger development & review

Stored procedures are often used to encapsulate the most critical business data processes, such as invoice closing and order verification, and triggers are often used to enforce vital business rules. 

It is therefore crucial that such code is subject to rigorous analysis, and an outside party can often bring objectivity and experience to ensure correctness.

Application Development

I can help with selection of the appropriate combination of tools for the job, and actual system development.  Check out my wide range of technology skills.

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